Welcome to Beheady's 1,000,000 tree project
*click here to Read about how Part of every STARSEED and art sale goes toward global reforestation*

     BeHeady has developed a variety of Harmonic Percussion, Steel Drum StarSeeds over the last 3 years with the Help of TerraTonz.  As with the "Frequency Series"; Each StarSeed has its own personality and characteristics which make it a unique piece of artwork for the owner. The perfect Harmonics and Healing philospohy are selected for each instrument in the series currently on Tour. The "CBD Healing Series" is currently available. When a custom instrument is ordered, We work alongside YOU to ensure proper Tuning, Finish, Design and Shape are selected
StarSeed Sizes:  12", 14", 16" and 18" in Discus or Iris
Style Options: Torched, Spiral Grind, Bloom, Etched, Custom Image Design
Scales: A, B, C, D, E, F, G in Major/Minor
Notes: 7-16 on Top ~ Bottom notes Optional

*Current CBD Series is contributing to the Creation of Nicaraguan Center for Forests, Energy & Climate*